The Benefits of Vitamin Supplements

December 13, 2018

From early childhood, our parents told us to eat our fruits and veggies and drink our milk in order to get the vitamins and nutrients we need to “grow big and strong.” Vitamins are essential organic compounds our bodies need to function properly. They do everything, from giving us energy to maintaining hormone levels and keeping inflammation in check.

The best way for us to get the entire suite of vitamins and minerals we need is through eating a well-balanced diet. But whether you don’t like a certain food, have an intolerance or allergy or simply tend not to reach for it in the grocery store, you might be missing some crucial vitamins.

One way to make up for these vitamin deficiencies is by taking vitamin supplements. These supplements can come in pill, liquid or powder forms and can be easily taken alone or mixed into foods like smoothies or drinks to help you get the adequate amount of vitamins you need every day. At clubElevate, we carry vitamin supplements from Herbalife in Mission Viejo, CA in both food and drink forms. These treats can help keep you healthy and happy.

Here are some great benefits of taking vitamin supplements:

  • Healthier immune system: Many micronutrients support the immune system, like vitamins C and E. Deficiencies in these areas can hamper the immune system, making you more likely to get sick.
  • More energy: Vitamin deficiencies in general can make you feel sluggish, fatigued and sleepy. When your body is not running optimally, it has less energy to spare, so you might start to feel foggy or unable to concentrate. Getting all your vitamins can help you become more alert and focused.
  • Better memory: Certain vitamins are essential for optimal brain function, and deficiencies can worsen symptoms of memory loss. Some studies have suggested that vitamin supplements can help improve memory.
  • Better mood: Micronutrient deficiencies can play a huge role in your mood. Lacking certain vitamins and minerals can make you irritable, tired and even worsen the effects of anxiety and depression. When your body is full of the nutrients it needs, you’ll feel better and much happier!

Deciding on vitamin supplements

There are ton of vitamin supplements you can choose from, but some might work better for you than others. A daily multivitamin is a basic choice for both men and women. However, note the differences in men and women’s daily multivitamins—men and women may require different amounts of certain vitamins, like iron and zinc, and those vitamins cater to those needs.

You can also take vitamin supplements for a specific nutrient, rather than a general multivitamin. Specific vitamin supplements are ideal for people who have a known deficiency in a particular nutrient, such as calcium or iron.

Herbalife has a whole suite of vitamin supplements to choose from, so you can find the ones that work perfectly for your body’s needs.

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