Steps Toward Healthier Eating Habits

July 25, 2018

Everyone knows the importance of healthy eating. Choosing to eat healthier foods allows you to make the most of your fullest physical and mental potential. Healthy eating isn’t just about looking great—it’s about feeling great, too! While switching up your daily habits may seem intimidating at first, working with a wellness coach in Mission Viejo, CA is a great way to ensure that you’re meeting your health and fitness goals.

There are a number of different diet plans that can be successful for different people. Choosing the right diet plan for you can be a true challenge, which is why it’s important to work with a qualified professional whenever possible. In fact, you may not even want to pursue a rigid mainstream diet plan—it may be more suitable for you and your wellness coach in Mission Viejo, CA to outline a specific diet plan that’s right for you, as an individual.

Here are just a few steps you can take to eat healthier and meet your wellness goals:

  • Replace junk food with healthy foods that you like: One of the most challenging aspects of switching to a new diet plan is cutting out foods that you really enjoy, whether they be chips, cookies, donuts or soda. That’s why you should identify a suitable replacement that’s healthier, but that will still help you fulfill your junk food cravings. For instance, you may want to eat salted cashews instead of chips when you’re feeling peckish.
  • Drink more water: Even if you drink a lot of water, there’s one simple rule that you should always follow: drink more water. Consider replacing soda or other unhealthy beverages with sparkling water. This will mimic the feeling of soda, but it lacks the added sugars, preservatives and artificial flavors that make soda and other processed drinks so unhealthy.
  • Berries in lieu of candy: If you eat a lot of candy, it may be difficult to think about giving up your sweet tooth. Thankfully, you won’t have to! There are a number of berries and fruits that mimic the act of eating candy. Replacing your favorite candy with a handful of blueberries, dried, sugar-free mango or freeze-dried strawberries can help you cut the calories and slim down.
  • Cut the red meat: There are very few instances when modern humans should be consuming red meat. While the health benefits of organic fish and poultry are widely recognized, red meats are almost never beneficial to your health. Red meats are heavy, they are difficult for your body to digest and they often contain lots of unhealthy fats. Try replacing your next steak with a salmon filet.
  • Eat whole grain foods: Another easy transition you can make that will help you cut out unnecessary calories and carbs is by eating whole grain foods, rather than highly processed white breads and pastries. Whole grains retain more of their original fiber and protein, and are generally beneficial for your health.

To begin constructing a diet plan that works for you, consult with clubElevate, the premier wellness coach in Mission Viejo, CA. We are also an authorized Herbalife distributor and would love to help you determine whether incorporating Herbalife products into your diet sounds like something you’d like to try out!

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